Utility Billing

When you print your monthly billing, chances are that you think about the time, effort and postage you have to put on the project every month and  graduate school essays wonder if there is another option.

Well, there is! You can outsource your billing to Presto Services, Inc., a local company that specializes in printing and mailing services.

There are many benefits to this. PSI provides access to state-of-the-art technology, advanced manufacturing systems, and a team of professionals, allowing your company to focus on their core of competencies. You wonai??i??t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment and software, or keeping up with the Post Office requirements (regulations and certifications), which needless to say, change all the time.

WeAi??CASS certify all of our mailings; add Zip+4 and barcode to the mail piece and deliver it to the Post Office with all the proper documentation required by USPS.

Key Benefits

  • Access to State-of-the-art Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • Access to Post Office Experts
  • Free up Space At Your Location
  • Reduce Your Labor & Equipment Costs
  • Automate Stub Processing by OCR / Barcoding

Invoice Printing

Presto Services, Inc. offers a unique combination of services by providing in-house printing of the utility statements or notices for your convenience. We can print your billing statements and envelopes in large quantities and at low prices and store them in a controlled environment at no additional cost to you. We can also design and print any ride-along piece of your choice: newsletter, postcard, flyer, etc.

You can choose the form that best fits your needs from any of our standard size statements:Ai?? 8 A?ai??? x 11ai???, 6 A?ai??? x 8 A?ai??? or 6 A?ai??? x 11ai???, single-sided or double-sided; or we can design a different one to yourAi?? specific requirements. You can print your late notices (delinquent accounts) on the same form or you can do it on a totally different form.

The ride along pieces can be informational like a quarterly newsletter, a yearly quality report, rate adjustment cards etc. Or it can be an advertising piece and can be used for your needs or as an additional income to your business – by allowing other businesses to advertise on them for a charge.

Statement Versus Postcard

If you are still using postcards to bill your customer, consider statements. There is so much more capability in using an invoice rather than a postcard; more space to include additional information like: account history, additional services, special offers, etc.

We all know that customers expect to be serviced right away and with the least amount of hassle. They don’t want to waste time looking for an envelope to send in the payment; they don’t always remember to write the account number on the check; they can’t always make out all the poor-printed words on the card. The best way to service your customers is to give them what they want, right away.

By using invoices you provide more privacy, which is much appreciated by your customer;Ai?? you offer better design of the piece and provide the customer with a reply envelope, which is pre-addressed and barcoded for faster and more accurate payment returns.

Sending an invoice in an envelope also allows you to combine more than one bill inside. For example smaller towns can combine the billing for two utilities together to save money in processing and postage.

Key Benefits

  • More privacy for the customer
  • More space for account information and other messages
  • Better designed mail piece
  • The OCR line or barcode on the stub speeds up posting of the payments
  • You can include reply envelopes for faster payment return
  • You can include ride-along pieces at no additional postage

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