Tax Notices

We offer city and county governments an alternative way to mail out their annual tax notices. In the past it was either make arrangements to do it yourself, or have the state do it using a set template that may or may not meet your needs.

With PSI, you are able to customize it exactly as you would like it. We will work with you to make sure we meet all of your needs, including: print a color statement (1 or 2 sided); a barcode or OCR line to be scanned upon the return of the stub; include any additional inserts you may require; group multiple bills to reduce postage; etc.

Once the state finishes the processing of your data, they, or perhaps LGDP (in TN), will send it back to you via email or CD. You can forward that to us and be done – it’s that simple! We will have worked out ahead of time the details and printed the statements and envelopes.

Give us a call or email to inquire about our capabilities. Since most entities want the notices mailed out around October 1st, it would be best to contact us several months before that to get the ball rolling! .